Vanquish RS Plate Carrier

SKU: 201216-001-S

Color: Olive Drab

The Condor VANQUISH RS Plate Carrier is the newest addition to our VANQUISH ARMOR SYSTEM (VAS). Composed of a durable nylon construction, this new platform incorporates rapid open connectors allowing the user to quickly remove the carrier at any given moment in case of emergency. The Condor Vanquish RS is one of the most versatile and multi-function plate carrier on the market. Patented. 

  • Laser cut MOLLE panel for modular attachments
  • Low profile shoulder pads
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and cummerbund with Rapid Open Connectors
  • Easy access plate pockets
  • Emergency drag handle
  • Front and Back patch/ID panel: 9" x 3"
  • Cummerbund size:
    • Small: Adjustable from 34" - 42" (measure around navel)
    • Large: Adjustable from 44" - 50" (measure around navel)
  • Armor capacity:
    • Small:
      • Front and Back: Accepts Medium or Large Shooters/Swimmer/ESAPI plates up to 10" x 13"
      • Side (cummerbund) – 6” x 11” soft armor
    • Large:
      • Front and Back: Accepts Medium or Large Shooters/Swimmer/ESAPI plates up to 10" x 13"
      • Side (Cummerbund) – 6” x 14” soft armor
  • Compatible with Condor Side Plate Insert #221124
  • Imported

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Lance Botdorf
    The only thing better than this vest is the customer service!

    They have since updated the plate carrier to have a larger cummerbund to accommodate more people, When this restocks you should be able to get more options in that regard. I asked them about cummerbund sizes via email and they not only informed me of this but also offered to replace mine with the larger cummerbund. They care about their clientele! This is a low-profile, robust option and I haven't received a bad product from them yet. Condor may not be one of the high-dollar names, but they have made great strides in guaranteeing you get the best quality for the price you pay.

    Lance Botdorf
    Love the weight, profile, and QD clips, just need to add cummerbund options.

    I love it but can't use the inner pads for comfort due to the size being too tight on the chest. Luckily, I have triple curve plates, so it is still really comfortable, but warming layers tend to restrict my breathing too much for my preference. I recommend waiting until they introduce cummerbund options or an adapter for the velcro cummerbund before purchasing this if you like the QD clips on the side. I will invest in the velcro for now, but I want to have the QD to wear it with confidence near water.

    Officer Ceder
    If only it fit me better.

    I bought the Vanquish RS for its quick release and versatile modular platform. I have used Condor products for many years now for both professional and personal use. I liked that the Vanquish armor was low profile and didn't have excessive extra material like some of the previous Condor PC's. However, I didn't like how the LCS material would buldge up and not lay flat at times, also the Cumberbunds only come in one size for the Vanquish RS and I'm not the biggest of guys yet the cumberbunds seem to be almost maxing out when I wear the Carrier. If there were options for cumberbund sizes for a more comfortable fit then I would have given five stars. Overall I like the best But I may have to try the Older Vanquish vest till some size options become available.

    Charles Spangler
    Great Product

    What I wanted , worth the money only wish the side panels would accept 8x6 plates

    Craig Miller
    Best Bang For The Buck Carrier

    Excellent fit and quality. I was originally going to buy the SKDTac/First Spear SST but this carrier does everything the SST does and more, is substantially less expensive, and includes as standard items you pay extra for with the SST. It also fits SAPI/EASAPI Large plates as well as 10x12 plates (I have both) with very little to no play with the 10x12s when adjusted correctly. For those of you looking at it online, some notes about the colors based on looking at them in person are probably in order. The Coyote Brown color is more muted in person than online. It almost or exactly matches other Coyote Brown items I have form several other manufacturers. The green is absolutely not Ranger Green. It is the brighter shade of green it appears to be online. Pretty worthless colorway unless you’re a LEO and it works with your agency’s uniform. Black is pretty standard black. I only have three qualms about my purchase: 1) I really think it should come with the crest rig buckles as standard but they are cheap enough that I can’t justify any deduction in the rating. 2) Can we please get a version in the grey color (Slate is what I think Condor calls it) in which some other Condor carriers are offered so I can buy a second? 2) It really should be offered in Multicam for those who need it. I understand that it costs more for the materials because of licensing but just make the MC version cost $10-$20 more like everyone else does.

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