Condor Elite, Inc.


We are Condor Elite, Inc., a first-class online retail dealer exclusively carrying tactical gear by Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.  We believe in the reputable and well-made CONDOR brand.  CONDOR products are authentically the optimal blend of prime quality and affordability in its industry.  

As a retailer, Condor Elite, Inc. is committed to bringing the most extensive selection of items from CONDOR to the diverse group of enthusiasts in the tactical world. Our website showcases not only the wide range of CONDOR products we carry, it seizes the opportunity to share CONDOR’s story, mission, affiliations, charitable work, and influence.  You will see that seeded in its history are the strong fabric and foundation of the CONDOR brand.

Here at Condor Elite, Inc., we strive to help you find what you came to seek.  We understand that you are passionate about CONDOR products.  So, we make it our priority to create a seamless and satisfying digital shopping experience for you.  It is imperative that our customers enjoy their time here.

Rest assured that your purchase is equipped with a strong warranty and sincere customer service.  If your experience falls below your expectations, our Customer Service Department is here to assist and resolve.  We take pride in our company’s high standards and continuously aspire to improving your experience with us.  We encourage you to provide us with your honest feedback on shopping with Condor Elite, Inc., so your suggestions are always welcome.

Condor Elite, Inc. is proud to promote a brand known for supporting a community of brave individuals, who work every day to ensure our safety.  It is humbling to know that everyday thousands of agencies and professionals depend on us to operate well.  This inspires us to stay on the mission to serve these sectors of our community.  With your patronage, we can continue on this rewarding journey until the end of time.