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Product Code:
  • DFPC

Quick Overview

The Condor Defender Plate Carrier is designed to carry both soft armor and plate. It will accept Large or X-Large SPEAR/BALC cut soft armor, up to 10.25" x 13.25" front and back plates, and up to 6" x 8" side plates. The DFPC also features mesh padding for airflow and padded shoulders for added comfort.


  • Emergency drag handle
  • Removable anti-slip shoulder pads, with hook and loop guides
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • MOLLE webbing for modular attachments
  • Breathable 3D Mesh liner
  • Adjustable cummerbund with soft armor pockets (compatible with side plate insert)
  • Side plate compatible
  • Easy access plate pockets
  • Adjustable in girth and height
  • Ballistic plates/soft armor not included
  • Imported


Additional Information

  • Cummerbund Size:
  • Adjustable from 42" - 50"
  • Plate capacity:
  • Side plate compatible up to 6" x 8"
  • Accept Large BALCS/SPEAR cut soft armor
  • Accepts Medium or Large Swimmer/ESAPI plates up to 10.25" x 13.25
  • Available in:
  • Olive Drab (001)
  • Black (002)
  • Coyote Brown (498)



Customer Reviews

Good vest if you're not skinny Review by Dan (Pennsylvania ) 10/7/2015 6:39 PM
Vest works great if you have plates and weigh over 170 lbs it's loose on me I'll probably need more velcro to fit my torso properly. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
good infantry vest Review by hayden (lunardo) 11/21/2013 2:38 PM
This is a good starter vest for someone looking for a more heavy infantry loadout (lots of gear or ammo/ supplies) for airsoft or actual military service. I bought this vest for airsoft, and it works. I covers most of your torso and makes you feel real safe. I did have to tighten the vest up to its smallest and it was a bit loose until I put my dyneema or Kevlar vest in (I don't know what the actual material is) as well as my plates. Now when I was tightening the vest I saw some pockets on the sides for what I can only assume are side plates, but I don't have side plates. This vest can hold a lot with the MOLLE webbing, I am running about close to 50 pounds of gear with all my plates and equipment (and I'm doing airsoft). One of my friends who did a few tours of Afghanistan was running the same vest at over 60 pounds and we now do airsoft together and both the vests are holding up to lots and lots of torture. In conclusion this is a great vest if you are Hauling lots of gear into combat and what good protection, simulated or real. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Good vest but I wish it was made smaller. Review by Kyle (Florida) 10/15/2013 11:15 PM
I bought this vest to use as a hit vest for my off duty work when wearing a uniform is not necessary. I am right at 6' and 180lbs athletic build. This vest was way too big (even completely tighened up) if you are around my size and like your vest to be form fitting. Luckly my girlfriend has a great sewing machine and knows how to use it. I had her tailor this vest quite a bit. She took off about six inches from each side of the cumber-bun, removed the velcro and sewed the front flap down. I then installed those blackhawk molle snap things that allow you to open and close the vest externally on each side of the cumber-bun. I also revoved the shoulder pads because they would not fit after I tighened that thing up so it actually fit me. I use an old set of soft plates from a Safariland vest that do not fit very well (but are good enough for now). I think more modern soft plates would be much better because my everyday vest is a modern type and the plates looks like they would fit in there the way they are suppose to. Overall I like this vest a lot. It has a good feel and seems very durable. I use Blackhawk (strike platform for the serpa Glock holster) and Condor molle attachments on it; both fit well. My only complaint is obviously that in my opinion it comes way too big. I use a Condor plate carrier for my esapi rifle plates which I am also very happy with, although it also had to be tailored down to fit (it was even too big when over the top of a soft vest). I also wish the vest connected together from the outside rather than having to tear up that huge piece of velcro to attach the cumber-bun. If you have mags and a weapon on there it seems like it would be very difficult to do, as well as noisy if you were trying to put it on all sneaky style. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Deputy Review by Lon Redmon (Oldsmar, Florida) 9/30/2012 8:51 AM
I ordered this based on the reviews and (mostly) the price. My main use for this vest is anytime we have something that my duty vest might not be enough (barricaded gunman or felony warrant entry to name a couple). I also bought several Condor MOLLE pouches for the rig. I got the OD Green and use my last issued soft body armor with 10x13 steel plates.It's heavy, but it will stop a 7.62. I don't plan on running someone down, thats what the rookies are for. Great price for great products. You can put these side by side some of the more expesive rigs, and you can't tell the difference. Looks like great quality. With ammo pouches on the front, it can be tricky to put on, with cummerbund removed, it can go on in a flash, but theres no way to attach it at the side w/o cummberbund. Pros: Price, Quality, several colors, Easy to set up, comfortable. Cons: 1) Make the shoulder more adjustable, I'm 5-9, 180, and I would like it to sit higher over my duty belt. I have the straps all the way tightened, and the velcro cover over the buckle, still need more. 2) With the cummerbund removed, there is no way to secure the vest, atleast I havent figured it out. Thanks Condor for a great product. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Condor defender Review by Mathieu (Quebec) 8/27/2012 4:02 PM
realy nice product I patented a bit the rear to fit my size (150 lb 6'2 foot) so even if your kind of skinny it can fit you perfectly, great protection and a lot of surface to add modular pouch, best condor vest I guess (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Excellent plate carrier. As well made and as adjustable (if not more so) than the Condor QPC. I’m pretty big guy and it adjusts to my size with more than enough room. Paraclete RAV IIIA Soft Body Armor Inserts size Large fit perfectly, very snug but they fit. Don’t go larger. Might work differently with your brand of inserts. Ceramic plates are on the way, so I am not sure what size works best yet. Offers lots of real estate for molle attachments. Also has elastic holder to secure the tube of an H2O bladder on either side of the shoulder straps which is a nice addition. (Posted on 7/5/2019)

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