Tactical Backpack

The Rugged Tactical Backpack That Have Been Proven In Combat

Keep everything you need for any mission ready with tactical backpacks from Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. Perfect for operators and first responders out on the field, these packs are MOLLE compatible and offer versatile cargo compartments for you to store and organize your essentials.

With features coming from military backpacks ranging in size from 8L to 50L and convenient sling packs as well, you can customize your experience as needed. Find patterns and colors like Scorpion OCP, black, coyote brown, navy, and olive drab.

Tactical Backpack Products and Sling Packs For Any Application

The large and small tactical backpacks that you’ll find at Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. are designed to be modular and adjustable. Many include built-in water bladders or are compatible with addable bladders, and components can be attached or detached to your preferences.

Pair your backpack with modular pouches for radios, magazines, gadgets, or flashlights, and take your utility on the go with you. Be sure to browse our selection of hydration packs for efficient water bladder access and anything from missions to long hikes.

A Brief History Of The Tactical Backpack

The evolution of tactical backpacks traces its roots to the military's need for durable and functional carrying solutions. Originating from simple canvas designs, early tactical backpacks were primarily focused on providing soldiers with a means to carry essential gear and supplies on the battlefield. As military tactics and technology evolved, so did the requirements for these packs. The introduction of nylon and other high-strength materials in the mid-20th century brought about significant improvements in durability