Multicam® Gear and Accessories

Designed for precision and use in a wide range of environments and conditions, this selection of gear features genuine Crye Precision MultiCam for cover operations.

Here you’ll find all of our tactical gear, accessories, and apparel that feature the known and respected MultiCam. This includes mag pouches, modular vests, caps, belts, backpacks, H2O pouches, and more. With consistent patterning across all of our gear and apparel items, you can be ready for any mission or field operation.

What is different about MultiCam® Gear?

Crye Precision MultiCam patterns are a field standard due to their ability to blend into a multitude of environments. This pattern is particularly well-suited for everything from survivalist needs and outdoorsmanship to cover field operations, and with items featuring modular support you can design a flexible and adaptable loadout of gear. Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.

MultiCam tactical gear is designed to the highest standard of quality while still retaining affordability. Make sure to browse our selection of Scorpion OCP items as well.