Condor Tactical Hats and Other Headwear for Protection

Our Tactical Hats Come in a Variety of Sizes and Patterns to Protect Yourself

Staying safe and secure in the field requires more than backpacks and breathable apparel features. At Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. you’ll find a wide range of caps, multi wraps, neck gaiters, veils, and more that protect you from the sun and the elements. Our range caps are made using a polyester and cotton blend that survives even the toughest conditions, and adjustable straps allow you to form the cap to your needs. Multi wraps are ideal versatile headwear that’s perfect for unpredictable outdoor conditions, including cold, dry air, and sandstorms. Using anti-static and moisture wicking materials, these multi wraps are easy to wear, comfortable, and easy to use.

Tactical Operator Hats and Headwear

Good tactical hats and military operator hats are essential for survival in the field for any operator or first responder. Headwear provides moisture-wicking in hot heat conditions, warmth in cold ones, sun protection, shade, and protection from harsh weather conditions like blizzards or sandstorms. Don’t be caught unaware in harsh conditions – browse our selection of tactical headwear today.