Condor Outdoor Statement on COVID-19

About Us

Condor Outdoor found its beginnings early on as a camping goods manufacturer. The earlier days of the company were focused on getting people out into the nature to experience the wonders of the great outdoors.  As our product line expanded, the demand for function focused gear opposed to general storage became more prevalent. As the War on Terror continued we found it difficult to keep up with the demand for our products.

 Our quality and price of the 3-day Assault Pack drew so much attention that it became the heart of our tactical product line. From here we’ve expanded from camping outdoor vests to high-speed tactical vests, expanding the product offering to equip war-fighters, law enforcement, first-responders, and hunters with affordable quality gear.

 To celebrate the 25 year Anniversary of Condor Outdoor Products, we are turning our eye back to our roots by innovating stylish functional tactical gear for the outdoor and urban communities with the Condor Elite product line. Our products are field tested every day by departments and agencies all over the country, to ensure precision quality to keep you in the fight and get the job done. With the focus on premium materials and quality craftsmanship, we hope to thank all those who serve, served, and will serve for the support in us and our products.