Washing Instructions

Make sure your softshell jacket retains its water resistance by following these specific care instructions. Designed to keep your jacket’s Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating intact, following these steps will allow you to easily clean and care for your jacket between outdoor excursions. Your softshell jacket will stay in excellent condition for years to come with these helpful tips. 

DWR Coating

Your softshell jacket is an indispensable piece of outdoor apparel. It’s one of the most versatile items for both tactical and recreational activities due to its DWR coating, which causes water to bead up and fall of the jacket before it’s absorbed into the fabric. Combined with a waterproof film member, these softshell jackets are impermeable to most moisture. However, it’s critical to keep both coating and membrane intact so you stay dry and warm while outdoors.

How to Wash a Softshell Jacket

Use these washing instructions to clean your jacket properly:

  1. Zip up all zippers and close all fasteners.
  2. Wash your jacket in a regular washing machine. Use cold water on a gentle cycle.
  3. Use a mild powder laundry soap. Liquid detergents can leave a residue on your jacket that will interfere with the DWR coating.
  4. Put it through the rinse cycle twice to be sure the detergent residue washes out.
  5. Dry your jacket in a tumble dryer on a medium heat setting (40°C /104°F) for 40 to 50 minutes. Do not dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners.
  6. Ensure that your jacket is fully dry before storing.

If your jacket has a grease stain, dampen the stain and rub in a small amount of dishwashing detergent. Then, wash the jacket in warm water with plenty of mild powder laundry soap.

Your jacket will lose its DWR coating over time. Proper washing and care will help this coating to last longer, but when it has worn away, DWR can be reapplied to the garment. This should be done once per season or more often if the garment is used extensively or requires frequent washing.