Tactical Pants

Tactical Pants and Uniform Trousers

Meet the challenge of any environment with tactical pants from Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. Our selection of tactical pants, uniform pants, jeans, and base layers are designed for operators and first responders in the field and on everyday duty.

Our trousers are designed for comfort and breathability while offering the latest benefits. Our tactical pants are designed with built-in knee pockets, reinforced knee caps, eight pockets including two hidden pockets for gadgets, and elastic waistbands for versatility. Our uniform pants are designed to keep you looking sharp while maintaining comfort and durability and include military creases to keep your uniform looking crisp.

Tactical Pants Designed For Versatility

Whether you’re out on the field and need to keep warm, are dressing for any mission, or are clad in uniform, our trouser choices will meet your needs and more. With multiple patterns and colors including MultiCam™, khaki, olive drab, and coyote tan. You can look your best while performing your best.

Take advantage of affordable prices, discounts, and payment installment plans to meet your needs, and browse our selection of outerwear options for a versatile gear experience.

A Brief History of Tactical Pants

Tactical pants have a rich history that originated in the military, where functionality and durability were paramount. The roots of tactical pants can be traced back to the battle dress uniforms of various armed forces, where cargo-style pockets and reinforced knees were integrated for practical purposes. As the need for versatile and robust clothing extended beyond the military, tactical pants gained popularity among law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts. The incorporation of features like ripstop fabric, multiple pockets, and reinforced stitching further enha