Authentic Scorpion OCP Camo Gear, Apparel, and Accessories

True Authentic Scorpion OCP Compliant Tactical Gear Equipment

Scorpion OCP, originally known as Scorpion W2, is one of the most recognizable designs of camouflage currently used in service. The U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Space Force all deploy Scorpion OCP. This distinctive camo features a lighter color scheme than MultiCam™ and is also used by first responders and field operators. At Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. you’ll find a wide range of apparel features, gear, and accessories that utilize this camouflage pattern. Items like range caps, tactical pouches, magazine pouches, battle belts, and chest rigs all use Scorpion OCP, and utilize high-quality material to offer tactical advantages for any field operator or first responder in need of a covert approach. Please note that Scorpion OCP is available only to law enforcement, military, and dealers.

Want a Darker Shade, Try Our MultiCam™ or MultiCam™ Black Tactical Gear

In addition to genuine Scorpion OCP camouflage items, Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. delivers on affordability and ease of payment. Free shipping features and payment plans are available to ease the burden of cost during your purchase. Speak to one of our representatives today if you need to know more and be sure to browse our selection of genuine MultiCam®, which is available to the general public, as well.