Universal Drop Leg Holsters for Tactical Firearm Usage

Quick Access Tactical Drop Leg Holster For Your Glock 19, 1911, or Other Firearms

Keep your Glock 19, 1911 or other firearm at the ready with universal drop leg holsters at Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. These tactical drop leg holsters allow you to strap your firearm to your thigh at a convenient location so that it can be drawn quickly and easily. Perfect for military, operators, and law enforcement officers, a retention system featuring an adjustable hook and loop firmly secures your weapon while fully adjustable leg straps keep it designed to fit your body. Many of our tactical drop leg holsters also utilize pouches for magazines or other essentials. Customize your experience with one of the multiple drop leg holster items available.

Carry Extra Ammo With Our Molle Attachable Magazine Pouches

Pair your drop leg holster with magazine pouches that utilize the MOLLE system or shoulder holsters to keep your firearms wherever you need them. Designed with high-quality nylon, these holsters are designed for durability and flexibility where you need it. With Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. benefits like free shipping features, flexible payment plans, and free returns, prepping your gear loadout is easier than ever.