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Excellent Jacket Review by Steve Janes (BC Canada) 3/1/2011 10:59 PM
This jacket is awesome, with a light base layer, it has kept me warm in -4c and there was a wind that day. Keep in mind I was wearing long johns under my jeans and my condor watch cap and would have been freezing without, but I expected my upper body to be cold wearing only my thin base layer and the Soft Shell, I am awaiting the arrival of a micro fleece, that combined with the base layer I already have and the soft shell, should keep me warm no matter what. I would not recommend this jacket as a primary rain coat, it performed well in heavy rain for 10 or 15 minutes b4 it start leeching through the shoulders, if it were just a light rain I figure you could stand still in it most of the day and stay dry, but once it gets heavy it just overwhelmed the water resistance. As long as it the forecast is not HEAVY Rain, this is an all conditions performing jacket, and I highly recommend it. One other thing is, a lot of people have said the collar is too big and is like a tire around your neck (when the hood is folded inside), this is completely un-true, I wear the collar up, and folded down, it folds down quite easily and stays there until I am cold enough to flip it up again. It is not big and fat as some may suggest, and wow does it keep you neck warm! (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Amazing! Review by Charles S (Washington State) 3/15/2011 2:12 PM
I have had this softshell since they first came out and it still holds up to the elements. I especially like the under arm zippers when I get too warm. I wore it in heavy rain for about 5 hours and was still dry when I took it off. Highly recommended! I have several friends who also now own one and they love them as well! (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Great jacket Review by Mike (GA) 5/26/2011 9:09 AM
I love my jacket. I worn it pretty much all winter. I had to layer a couple of times but no big deal. I purchased mine one size bigger than I wear. (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Search and Rescue EMT Review by T. Felix (Arizona) 11/26/2011 7:18 PM
Volunteer Search and Rescue EMT for a County in Az. I have a Tan in XL, I normally wear a Large, but ordered an XL which fits me perfect. Great jacket for the price! I wore it in a steady light rain for 6 hours and kept dry, kept me warm in 45-50 degree weather layered with a single thermal. I opened the pits and the front of the jacket when it got too warm, due to physical activity. The only problem I can foresee is that the front zipper can me a little cumbersome, not sure if a two way is really needed. Now we need some pants with the same material, with side zippers. (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Great Jacket! Review by Bob (Michigan) 1/25/2012 5:20 PM
This is a great jacket. It has several pockets that can be used for a variety of different things. The material makes the jacket very comfortable, light weight, and easy to move in. I feel that the sizing is also right on. (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Great Jacket Review by MA. (Toronto, Canada) 1/29/2012 6:13 PM
There's more than meets the eye to this jacket. There are clever little design details all over the place. It's an amazing value compared to other similar shells, with high quality materials and excellent fit and function throughout. This is typical Condor, the kind of product that is turning me into a huge fan of this company. (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Menuda pasada Review by Elecctro (Almeria - España) 2/2/2012 6:28 AM
Me he comprado este cortavientos impermeable, con idea de pasar unas jornadas a una temperatura de unos -5º C, en situación de Control de zona nocturna, con el consiguiente estado inmóvil y lo que ello supone. La idea es convinarlo junto con una camiseta tecnica transpirable y un forro polar, todo bien ajustado, con lo cual consigo una ligereza extrema y una comodidad sin igual. Lo recomiendo 100%. Ademas Condor es una marca que ya conozco de otras muchas cosas como chalecos, correas, etc... Jamas se me ha roto nada y jamas me ha defraudado. Comprado en Complementosmilitares - Almeria. (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Durable to K9 Review by N (TN) 10/17/2012 4:06 AM
We have had this jacket on our K-9 unit for 9 months. It has held up in all kinds of conditions, including Malinois hits on us when we were not suited up yet. Exceptional jacket and the many pockets allow for concealment of weapons and safe storage of technology. Most wear a size larger as it is a bit more form fitting than advertised. Buy this jacket- you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 7/4/2019)
A Great, Colder Weather Tactical Jacket! Review by M2 (Texas) 12/10/2012 7:35 AM
I have had the original version (non-lightweight) of the Summit for a couple of years, and love it! It is a warm but breathes well, well-designed jacket that has plenty of useful storage space in it. I am amazed at how windproof it is yet allows ventilation so you don't perspire like a few other similar jackets. The interior is equally amazing, the designers did an excellent job of maximizing all available space and if there isn't enough storage space in it for someone, they really need to invest in an backpack to carry everything they have! The only cons I can think of are it could use a more beefier main zipper and when the hood is rolled up into the collar it is very thick (almost like having on a life preserver). I recently bought a Condor Phantom jacket as it is more practical here in south-central Texas, it is very similar to the Summit I own but lighter and without the hood. The main reason I went with another Condor product was the excellent experience I had with my Summit! Overall, it is an outstanding jacket that has held up extremely well! I am definitely pleased with it and highly recommend the Summit to anyone looking for a good, warmer tactical jacket! (Posted on 7/4/2019)
Purchasing manager Review by daddyRaptor (Alabama) 12/30/2012 6:21 PM
I purchased this jacket in an end of season close out and threw it in the closet. Colder weather set in and I started wearing it. Wow!!! I was suprised, it is very wind resistent and quite well made. It has many features that make this jacket a great bargain. I look forward to my next Condor purchase. (Posted on 7/4/2019)

Items 11 to 20 of 36 total

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