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Great PC and Great Value Review by Jeremy (Kentucky) 12/18/2016 9:02 AM
I have done a lot of training with this carrier loaded with AR500 plates and have had no issues. Highly recommend. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Nice but not what I expected Review by Adam (Afghanistan ) 8/29/2016 6:55 AM
It's a nice plate carrier but there are a few things that don't make it practical for daily use. The shoulder clips are hard to reach yourself. After a week the elastic on the cumberbun is stretched out and tearing. I use side plates and the large plates barely fit in the installed pouches. Not very practical or durable for side plates or daily use. Aside from that when its on and buttoned up it is comfortable. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
And still..... Review by Tyler ford (209) 12/9/2015 4:20 PM
The best plate carrier for the money. Holds my Spartan armor ar500 level III plates perfect. Vest is well made. I'm very happy with purchase. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
GREAT plate Carrier Best i have had Review by Glover (Canada) 12/4/2014 12:29 PM
You will not be disapointed with this Carrier. Condor is a great company and this carrier is a example of that. I deployed over seas with the MPOC and it was a rugged rig, held my full combat load and was extremely comfortable. I highly recomend this vest for miliary members deploying. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Great plate carrier Review by Ron (Douglasville, Ga.) 2/1/2013 2:38 PM
Once I got it, I opened it up and tried it on. The threading is really strong and the M.O.L.L.E. webbing is really sturdy. I got the Condor, Kangaroo 3 AR-15/3 pistol magazine pouch to attach to it. I go to the DNR range all the time and am constantly in the dirt practicing my shooting. My carrier has held up like a champ. I'm a huge fan of Condor gear and this plate carrier is just another thing to remind me of why I am. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Great carrier Review by Greg Lewis (asheville, NC) 10/25/2012 5:17 AM
This carrier is light, comfortable, and very adaptable. With cumberbun, without, soft armor, hard armor, both. And with far more coverage than a straight plate carrier. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
Contractor Review by Dustin (Texas) 7/29/2012 9:20 AM
Let's see, what can I say about the MOPC? That its' light, will hold front back and side plates? That is also has room in the pockets of all those plates for soft armor as well? Yeah I can say that, mine is level 3A front, back and sides, plus level 3 rifle plates front and back. It's adjustable to a wide range of sizes, lightweight, manueverable, and comfortable. I have worn this thing for HOURS, seeing how it moves with my body, if it contorts. If you want moderate protection in a high speed/low drag profile with a nod to cooling and manueverability, this is it.Only one beef with this plate carrier, on the front panel you will see 8 columns of MOLLE slots, the columns on the ends are undersized by like a quarter of an inch, so it's really like you have 6 columns there to work with. Which given America's rifle is the M4gery in its various forms is just ideal for the triple stacker M4 mag pouch. In my opinion the good far exceeds the bad so it still gets 5 stars and it actually helped my to design a new loadout of pouches where my magazines are predominently on my weak side. Which is the side I reload from. So it's a sort of assymetrical loadout. See the good in the not so bad. Still and awesome plate carrier. (Posted on 7/5/2019)
My favorite plate carrier Review by David (PA) 1/8/2012 1:44 PM
If you want a nice plate carrier, this is one for you. I got it to hold my stand alone level IV plates, and I must say I am very happy with it. I still have plenty of room to insert Level III soft armor, and I can breathe very well in this vest. It is a 4/5 for only one reason, I my forward and back plates don’t sit as high as they could inside the vest, they slouch down between 1/2 and 1 1/4 inch lower then I think they should. This can be corrected by pulling the Velcro flap holding the plates in up as high as you can get them to fold in. Otherwise, I am impressed. Plenty of spaces to mount things, and easy on and off, I would say this is good for any Police/Swat/Military use, it’s held together great for me, and the Mollie straps are sized perfectly, the vest completely loaded is very well balanced. I do wish it could fit tighter around my body, but I am underweight, so a normal person should fit perfectly snug in this thing, and once I’m back up in weight I will too. Well done Condor! My #1 tactical gear supplier! (Posted on 7/5/2019)

8 Item(s)

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